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Hot Sale ASTM B365 99.95% Tantalum Rods Baoji FUQi

Tantalum Bar

Model NO.:RO5200Classification:Rare Metal
Package:Wooden Case or as Special NeedSpecification:ASTM B365
Technique:ForgedApplication:Polishing Diamond
HS Code:8108901010Production Capacity:4500kg/Month

Product Description 

Tantalum /Tantalum rod / Tantalum bar
Outside Diameter: 1.0-120mm
Color: Grayish-black
Density: 16.7g/cm3
Melting point: 3017Degrees Celsius
Boiling point: 5458Degrees Celsius

Grade: RO5200, RO5400, RO5252(Ta-2.5W), RO5255(Ta-10W)
Min. Quantity ordered: 5kg
Standard: ASTM B 365-98 RO5200 RO5252
State: Annealed
Material: Tantalum rod 
Outside Diameter: 1.0mm min. -120mm

Tantalum Material
Mainly used for manufacturing Super alloys and electron-beam melting
3, Related products:
1)tantalum ingot: Dia 70-120mm ; Length 1000mm
2)tantalum bar: Dia 3.0_120mm  Length 500_2000mm
3)tantalum foil/tantalum alloy foil: Thickness 0.03_0.9mm  Width 50_300mm × Length Lmm
4)tantalum tube: OD: 3-50mm; Wall thickness: 0.2-4mm Length: 1000mm

Tantalum metal features: High melting point, low vapor pressure, good cold processability, excellent chemical stability, good resistance to corrosion, high dielectric constant, in surface oxide film. Widely used in many industries such as electronics, metallurgy, chemical processing, hard alloy cutters, aerospace and aviation.

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