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ASTM B265 Titanium Plate/sheet For Machine

ASTM B265 Titanium plate/sheet for machine

Titanium sheets and plates

1.Grade: Gr1  Gr2  Gr5  Gr7  Gr9  G12

2.Standard :  ASTM B 265

3.State: Hot Rolled / Cold Rolled------Annealed

4.Specification:  Thickness: 0.3-30mm

                            Width: 10-1200mm

                            Length: Less than 4000 mm

5.Surface: bright, polished

6.Usage: industry

7.Advantage of titanium sheet

Titanium metal


Melting point: 1941 K   (1668 oC)

Boiling point: 3560 K   (3287 oC)


Titanium was discovered by the Reverend William Gregor in 1791. The pure metal was prepared in 1910 by Matthew Hunter, who heated titanium (IV) chloride together with sodium in a steel bomb. Titanium is named after the Titans, the sons of the Earth goddess in Greek mythology.


Titanium plate Mechanical Properties

1,Healthy environmental protection of metal

2,Corrosion resistance, It won't rust in the deep sea for 100 years

3, Wide working temperature :  -259°C~500°C

4,High specific strength

5, Excellent heat transfer performance


Titanium plate Application

Heat exchangers and condensers

Offshore aquaculture

Chemical Industry 

Electroplating equipment

Precision instruments

Environmental protection equipment



Auto industry

Medical and Sports industry

Electric power industry

Seawater desalination industry

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