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Titanium Shell And Tube Heat Exchanger

Titanium shell and tube heat exchanger

Titanium Heat Exchangers

Provide an extended service life compared to other materials of construction

Eliminate expensive downtime due to equipment failure

Do away with requirement for spare parts inventory

Provide superior corrosion resistance

Deliver high heat transfer efficiency

Accommodate high steam pressure to reduce required surface area

Eliminate breakage during handling, installation and operation due to fully-welded metal construction


Heat exchanger, also called heat transfer machine, is the equipment that can transfer certain heat from the thermal fluid to the cold fluid. It is the essential equipment to achieve the heat exchange and transfer during the production process. 

The type of heat exchanger that our company can provides: Spiral-plate heat exchanger, corrugated tube heat exchanger, threaded pipe heat exchanger, plate heat exchanger, spiral baffle plate heat exchanger, double-tube plate heat exchanger, fin tubular heat exchanger, float-head heat exchanger, U-tube heat exchanger, stacked heat exchanger, and decompose type heat exchanger etc. 

Heat exchange area and pressure can be customized according to customers’ requirements. The tube heat exchangers which include U type, float-head type, corrugated tube type.


Titanium Heat Exchangers Feature

Developed with advanced technology.

Energy saving.

High efficiency.


Long service life.

Low cost.

Titanium Heat Exchangers Application

Seawater, Oil, Food, Distilled Water, Gas industries.

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